Effectively Reduce Bacteria By Up To 99.9%!

Purified Water From Ultraviolet Treatment Systems

Water Purifying Experts Creating Safer Water

Ultraviolet Treatment Systems

Complete Water Solutions Ultraviolet units are specifically engineered to provide optimized flow and retention time to effectively reduce bacteria by up to 99.9%. Useful for everything from providing building drinking water to pure water for medical and lab use, this filtration process can benefit all water systems. Our Ultraviolet water treatment gets rid of bacteria and viruses, along with any other harmful particles from your drinking water.

Whether you have well water or ground water, it’s important to never overlook the quality and how to improve it. Clean UV Treated Water is a necessity in both industrial facilities and commercial buildings. Even if the water looks clear, microorganisms can still contaminate it, causing you and co-workers, or others to get sick.

What is Ultraviolet Water Treatment?

Ultraviolet purification systems work by genetically altering the DNA of the bacteria or viruses in the water. Once their DNA gets altered they will not be able to reproduce, ultimately rendering them useless. The Ultraviolet process is chemical, taste and odor free, while the system is compact and easy to maintain.

Essentially, Ultraviolet uses light to improve the quality of your water. Since the process does not involve chemicals, it is a more environmentally friendly option for some companies to use for water filtration.

Ultraviolet Water Treatment Options

  • NPT, Weld, Sanitary Connection
  • Single & Multi Lamp Design
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • LED Lamp Operational Status
  • UV Output Display
  • 254nM or 185nM

With many different Ultraviolet options to choose from, the right solution for your commercial or industrial water system is easy. Complete Water Solutions technicians can assist in determining the best type of filtration for your water system.

Ultraviolet Solutions