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Chemical Free Deionization Water Treatment Option

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Complete Water Solutions Electro-Deionization technology removes not only residual salts but ionizable aqueous contaminants, like carbon dioxide, silica, ammonia and boron. The systems operate chemical free, achieve 95 percent water recovery and consume only electricity. Our EDI systems provide key advantages over traditional ion-exchanging processes by using less energy while yielding more pure water.

Traditionally with ion filtration units, the pollutants and particles which get sorted out are trapped in the resin pores, leading to build ups and creating less filtration force. With an Electro-Deionization system from Complete Water Solutions, the particles which get filtered out through the membrane get completely removed from the device by a consistent waste stream. By altering the filtration set-up, our systems allow the resins and water purification system to continuously work at maximum capacity.

Electro-Deionization (EDI/CEDI)

Industries Using Electro-Deionization Filtration

Available Electro-Deionization Systems

  • Flow Rates 1 GPM-600 GPM
  • RO Pretreatment
  • PLC Controlled
  • Low Energy Designs
  • UL & CSA Certified

EDI is used to polish off filtration and is used after a Reverse Osmosis System. The cleaner the water is when it reaches the EDI system the longer the life span to expect.

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Electronic Deionization Water System 3 GPM