Water Equipment Leasing

Industrial and Commercial Water Equipment Leasing

New and Used Water Filtration Equipment for Commercial and Industrial Use

Complete Water Solutions provides leasing opportunities for your water treatment equipment. Whether you need a reverse osmosis system for your commercial facility or industrial scale filtration, we understand your needs and budget in creating a robust water treatment system. That’s why Complete Water Solutions provides flexible leasing options for your water treatment equipment.

We’ve answered a few common leasing questions below to help you get started:

What Can Be Covered In The Lease?

  • Equipment: New and used water treatment equipment is available for lease through Complete Water Solutions. This includes water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, UV systems, CEDI/EDI, Ultra Filtration, Filters, Media Filters, and much more!
  • Installation: In order to save time and money for our customers, we include installation services with our equipment leases.
  • Freight: If your equipment needs to be transported great distances, freight and shipping costs can be included with your lease.
  • Spare Parts: When you’re faced with a sudden repair on your leased equipment, the last thing you need to worry about is cost. That’s right – Spare parts can be included in your lease!
  • Training: Training on your water treatment equipment can be included in your lease. Our team of technicians will ensure you are comfortable operating your leased equipment and know all the relevant information for your water system to keep things running smoothly.

What Will I Need To Provide?

Under $250,000 – A One Page Form

For smaller lease amounts, there’s no need for tax returns or financial statements.

Over $250,000 – A One Page Form plus the following:

  • Write-up – Overview of Organization (2 pages max – plus brochures and/or resumes)
  • Write-up – Purpose of Equipment & Financial Justification of Acquiring Equipment
  • Last 2 Year-End Financial Statements and Current Interim Financial Statement
  • Last 2 Year Tax Returns (unless Financial Statements are Audited or Reviewed)
  • Last 2 Year Tax Returns on all entities and principals owning 20+%
  • Current Financial Statement on all entities or principals owning 20+%
  • List of current Loans and Leases (include lender name, account number, and phone number)

Large leases agreements require more information. Please have this information available throughout the leasing process.

What Can I Expect During the Application Process?

250K (or less) Application

  • 4 hour turnaround time
  • 24 – 72 months
  • Term length
  • Up to $250k Application-Only Limit
Lease Or Loan Approved Options:

EFA (Equipment Finance Agreement)

Is essentially a fixed-rate loan offering a monthly payment that does not fluctuate with treasury rates. You own the equipment, and we release our security interest at the successful end of the term. And unlike a bank loan, there are no compensating balances or blanket liens.

$1 Purchase Agreement

Our most popular lease (commonly referred to as a lease-purchase or $1-out) offers a fixed monthly payment, and you own the equipment at the end of the lease term for a nominal amount such as $1.

10% Purchase Option

If you want more options, the 10% Purchase Option offers a fixed monthly payment as well as a fixed purchase option. Your end-of-lease options are many: you can purchase the equipment at 10% of its original cost, renew the lease, or return the equipment. You may also apply to upgrade to new equipment.

FMV (Fair Market Value) Option

If you want lower payments and more options at the end, the FMV (Fair Market Value) Purchase Option offers the lowest fixed monthly payment (and the payments are usually 100% tax deductible.) At the end of the lease, you can purchase the equipment at fair market value, renew the lease, or return the equipment to Crest. You may also apply to upgrade to new equipment.

Operating Lease (Off-Balance Sheet Financing)

Meets the criteria established by the Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB) and is available for equipment with a strong after-market value.

First Amendment Lease

Gives you a purchase option at one or more defined points, with the requirement that you renew or continue the lease if the purchase option is not exercised. The option price is either a fixed price intended to approximate fair market value, or is defined as fair market value determined by appraisal and subject to a minimum to insure that residual position will be covered. If the purchase option is not exercised, the lease is automatically renewed for a fixed term (typically 12 or 24 months) at a fixed rental intended to approximate fair rental value. You are not permitted to return the equipment on the option exercise date. If the lease is automatically renewed, at the expiration of that initial renewal term, you typically have the right to return the equipment without penalty, renew, or purchase at fair market value.

PUT (Guaranteed Purchase Agreement)

Provides a guaranteed purchase price for the equipment at the end of term. You can choose a purchase price that is fixed at a certain dollar amount, or choose a range between a fixed minimum or maximum amount (Min-Max). This gives you a lot of control – the larger the Balloon payment, the lower the monthly payment.

*All Leasing is provided through 3rd Party unless specified by Complete Water Solutions – Leases must meet 3rd Party Leasing Approval Before Equipment / Services to be provided.