Reverse Osmosis Membrane Failure – No Flow – High Conductivity

Reverse Osmosis Membrane White Sludge (Scale)

Reverse Osmosis Water System High Conductivity No Concentrate Flow

Complete Water Solutions was recently contacted due to a Reverse Osmosis System that was producing high conductivity water with no flow going out in the waste line. The customer did check the concentrate valve and it was wide open. Complete Water Solutions immediately went into action and brought new membranes onsite.

Before replacing the membranes, Complete Water Solutions performed a system

Osmonics 150 GPM Reverse Osmosis System

review and found that the Antiscalant chemical was not injecting due to a outlet issue. Antiscalants will interfere with the precipitation reactions that take place. There are 3 common ways that antiscalants work 1.) inhibitor, 2.)modification, 3.)dispersion.

Once the Anti-Scalant System was back up and working, membrane replacement could take place. Complete Water Solutions inspected all the housings and upon further inspection we found that the last 2 housing were the only housing that needed to be replaced. Other Reverse Osmosis housings showed some signs of scale and biological fouling but were able to be cleaned.


The last 2 housings were replaced with Suez RO Membranes AK-440. The remaining membranes were cleaned onsite and back to normal operational flows and permeate quality.

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