Complete Water Solutions Awarded Two (2) 100 GPM RO Systems

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100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System

Complete Water Solutions was selected by a leading pharmaceutical company to provide a new water treatment system. Complete Water solutions is providing (4) Fleck 3900 Water Softener Systems, (4) Fleck 3900 Carbon Filtration Systems and (2) 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis Systems.

The RO Systems are designed to provide 100 GPM @ 55 Degree F (no pre heating required). The 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System will be equipped with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on the main RO Motor. VFD’s on RO Systems can help with minimizing things like water hammers, along with providing potential power savings.

They will also come with Permeate Divert Valve – In the event that permeate water quality has not met the standard it will divert to drain until it has reached quality. Complete Water Solutions is honored to be a diversified supplier providing a great quality service, equipment and knowledge with water treatment equipment.

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