Water Softener Fiberglass Tank Collapsed

Collapsed Softener Tank Due To Vacuum – Emergency Service Completed Same Day Complete Water Solutions recently received a call from a metal coating facility that uses Reverse Osmosis Water for their paint rinse line. Paint rinse lines prep the metal surface before paint or coating is applied. In some applications after painting the product is […]

Tonkaflo Pumps

  TONKAFLO PUMP NEW PUMPS AND REPAIR SERVICES Tonkaflo Pumps are multi-stage pumps built to meet your requirements for general water applications, high-temperature, or chemical compatibility. Tonkaflo pumps set industry standards for reliability and low overall lifecycle costs, you can let them work without having to worry. Tonkaflo world-class pumps come with stainless steel shells […]

Osmonics Pro Series Reverse Osmosis

It was announced this year that the OSMO Pro Series Reverse Osmosis Line will be discontinued. They have switched over to ProFlex which allows you some customization along with some pricing reduction. Complete Water Solutions will continue to support the OSMO Pro Series Reverse Osmosis Equipment. Complete Water Solutions provides parts, membranes, trouble shooting along […]

Membrane Scaling: What to Do?

Membrane Scaling: What to Do? Click the image above to view a scaling case study! Click the image above to view a scaling case study! RO Scaling Scales are formed when dissolved substances in the feed water reach their maximum solubility limit somewhere in the RO unit. When further concentrated, they precipitate out of the [...]

Does My Water Treatment System NEED RO?

Does My Water Treatment System NEED RO? Click on the image above to learn the Reverse Osmosis Theory of Operation! Benefits of Reverse Osmosis • Substantial cost savings • Improved energy efficiency • Enhanced total system performance • Scale reduction • Superior taste and clarity • Spot-free rinses Applications for Reverse Osmosis Water • Food [...]

Industrial Water Softeners

Industrial Water Softeners Typical Water Softener Components Click image for video about how often to have your industrial softener serviced! Industrial Water Softeners Industrial water softeners treat your water for industrial use by removing hardness from the water using resin. The resin replaces the hardness in the water with salt (brine) that is regenerated periodically. [...]

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Diagram

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Diagram Click on the image above to see helpful videos about RO Membranes/Elements! Industrial RO Membrane Parts Feed Solution The feed solution is the water source or processing fluid. Prior to reverse osmosis, the feed solution may have been treated with chemicals, passed through pre-filters, or even a UV system. The feed [...]

What Is Ultraviolet (UV) Water Treatment?

What Is Ultraviolet (UV) Water Treatment? Ultraviolet (UV) light is used in many commercial and industrial water filtration applications where the feedwater, or raw water, is subject to contamination by microorganisms. UV light is able to penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms, disrupting the cells in such a way that they are prevented from replicating. [...]

Iron Filters and Sulfur Filters

Iron Filters and Sulfur Filters Does your current water system fail in filtering out excess iron or sulfur? Perhaps your water filtration system would benefit from GreensandPlus, a black filter media used for removing iron, sulfur, manganese, arsenic, and radium from groundwater supplies. Unlike other media, there is no need for extensive preconditioning of filter [...]

Vantage RO MC10 Controller

Recently it was announced that the US Filter / Siemens Water / Evoqua Vantage RO Controller the MC10 was no longer going to be produced. The MC10 controller is obsolete and no longer in production. Complete Water Solutions has an alternative for this controller the CWSAL250 which is a drop-in controller. We recently did an […]

Municipal Iron Filter For Water Supply

Complete Water Solutions provided an Iron Filtration system for a Municipality located in Virginia. The town water supply was increasing in iron getting close to being above the MCL for the town. Complete Water Solutions worked with the village to help design and supply a system that would deal with the ferrous iron. The town […]


About Complete Water Solutions Complete Water Solutions is a rapidly growing water treatment business located in SE Wisconsin that designs, manufactures, sells, and services Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Equipment. From the time it enters the facility to the time it leaves-we handle everything in between. Come and grow with us!   Open Position: Experienced Service […]

How to Choose Industrial Reverse Osmosis for Your Factory

How to Choose Industrial Reverse Osmosis for Your Factory When Reverse Osmosis was first introduced in the 1950's, no one would have thought that Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems would become such a vital part of factories in the 21st century. Today, many industries are looking for ways to run a cost-efficient factory. Therefore, choosing the [...]

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Schematic Diagram

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Schematic Diagram Industrial RO System Components Raw Water Storage Tank Feed/Backwash Pump Prechlorination Dosing System Automatic Multimedia Filter Dechlorination Dosing System Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Post pH Dosing System Product Water Storage Tank View more resources to help you learn about reverse osmosis here and contact Complete Water Solutions today with [...]

10 Steps to Design a Membrane System

10 Steps to Design a Membrane System Below are the 10 steps to design a membrane system. Need help with your membrane system design? Contact the industrial & commercial water treatment system experts at Complete Water Solutions today! Designing Your Industrial RO Membrane SystemStep 1: Consider feed source, feed quality, feed/product flow, and required product [...]

RO System Maintenance Experts

RO System Maintenance Experts A preventative maintenance plan is an economical and worry-free way to ensure that your industrial or commercial water treatment system is operating at peak performance! Rather than calling in your RO system experts at Complete Water Solutions when something goes wrong, you can catch the issue BEFORE it becomes an issue [...]

100% Unlimited Toll-Free Industrial Reverse Osmosis Technical Support

100% Unlimited Toll-Free Industrial Reverse Osmosis Technical Support Reverse Osmosis Technical Support We are proud of our customer support, and understand the difference between other companies and Complete Water Solutions can come down to how we work with our customers.  We are always solution-focused, no matter what our customers’ problems might be. We know that [...]

Troubleshooting Filmtec Membranes

Troubleshooting Filmtec Membranes *NOTE* - These troubleshooting tips can be used for troubleshooting other membranes beyond Filmtec! Troubleshooting: Symptoms of Trouble, Causes, and Corrective Measures Changes of the permeate flow, the salt passage and the differential pressure are symptoms which can be attached to specific causes in many cases. Although, the symptoms of different causes [...]

Hemp Farming Water Treatment

Water Treatment For Hemp? First, let us start off with this disclaimer – Complete Water Solutions does NOT condone the use of illegal substances and this particular client is growing hemp for hemp products, such as Hemp Protein Powder. At Complete Water Solutions, we have completed some interesting projects over the past year – Library […]