WE ARE HIRING  arrow_forward Generate Clean Water Quickly Keep Moving Forward with Our Cost Effective Services Did You Know? Clean Water Increases Boiler Efficiency Read More Customized Water Treatment Programs For the Safest System Design with Consistent Results var htmlDiv = document.getElementById("rs-plugin-settings-inline-css"); var htmlDivCss=""; if(htmlDiv) { htmlDiv.innerHTML = htmlDiv.innerHTML + htmlDivCss; }else{ var htmlDiv = [...]

Radium Removal Public Water System

  Radium Removal System Replacement for Public Water Utility Complete Water Solutions was contracted to replace an aging water system used to remove Radium Ra226 from a public water supply. The existing system was due for an upgrade, this was done to help ensure the safety of the public and also to have monitoring capabilities […]

Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting Guide

*Warning* – This guide can assist you in helping to diagnose and troubleshoot your Reverse Osmosis System. For issues that are persistent or are not understood, you should contact Complete Water Solutions and speak with one of our RO Certified Technicians. Please make sure to have the following information available about your system when you [...]

Membranes Needed In Jamaica – AG8040 RO Membranes

Complete Water Solutions was asked to provide Osmonics / Suez AG8040F Reverse Osmosis Membranes to Spanish Town Jamaica. No matter where you are located Complete Water Solutions Can Help – Contact Complete Water Solutions today for your membrane needs. Toll Free (855) 787-4200   info@complete-water.com Learn more about Suez RO Membranes   (Spec Sheets & More) […]

Paint Line Washer Water System

Complete Water Solutions recently designed and installed a water system for a paint line pre wash system. The system uses Reverse Osmosis water to help remove constituents that would otherwise impede the paint process. The following equipment was provided: Twin S-14A Twin Alternating Water Softener System (Hardness Removal)  Duplex Softener System 1 Tank Online 2nd […]

When Should I Service My Water Softener

All industrial water softeners and industrial water treatment equipment require maintenance. Today we take a look at a Fleck 2900 Twin Softener System  equipped with a 3200NXT Electronic Controller. This system is used to exchange calcium and magnesium hardness ions for sodium ions prior to a reverse osmosis system. This process is also called or […]

When Should I Service My Carbon Filter

When Should I Service My Carbon Filter All industrial water treatment equipment will require service. Today we take a look at a Fleck 3150 NXT Industrial carbon filter.  This carbon filter is used to remove chlorine prior to a reverse osmosis system. Chlorine will damage most RO Membranes with the exception of a few. In […]

Evapco Cooling Tower Cleaning – By Complete Water Solutions

Complete Water Solutions was asked to clean an evapco cooling tower. Before we began we first tested for legionella, after clearing the test, Complete Water Solutions began with biological cleaning. A scale reduction cleaning was performed. Upon the scale cleaning complete water solutions cleaned the local area the. Need your towers cleaned contact complete water […]

Upgrade DI Water System

Complete Water Solutions upgraded a customers DI System from 3.6 Mix Bed DI Tanks to 40 Cubic Foot DI Tanks If you need to upgrade your DI Water System Give Complete Water Solutions a call (855) 787-4200

Industrial RO Maintenance Program Adwords

Complete Water Solutions provides a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program when it comes to Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems. We even provide documentation and services for audits both internally and externally. Below is an example of what we do while onsite. What will we do? Building engineer check: We first check with the building engineer to ask […]

Water Treatment Installation Services Adwords

Water Treatment Installation Services from Complete Water Solutions Water Installation Experts for Businesses and Industrial Customers Before and After | Commercial Water Treatment System Complete Water Solutions offers comprehensive installation services for commercial properties, industrial companies and manufacturing facilities. Our services and custom designed water treatment equipment simply can’t be found anywhere else in the […]

Evapco Cooling Tower Cleaning

  Recently a customer contacted Complete Water Solutions asking us to clean and disinfect their (2) Evapco Cooling Towers. Complete Water Solutions arrived onsite did a safety inspection. Before work could begin Complete Water Solutions did a Legionella Test To make sure the tower was clear. Complete Water Solutions cleaned the towers and disinfect the […]